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Lax Reproductions Studio is located in the heart of the beautiful Northwood's in Conover, Wisconsin. They are known for their state of the art molds and record breaking musky trophies.

Rick Lax, son of Ron Lax, has been running the business since his father's retirement in 2003. Rick had worked with his father learning the fine points of taxidermy since the age of 12. In 1993, Rick and Ron formed a partnership. Through the many years of hands on taxidermy and the awareness of catch and release hitting an all time high, they could see the important need for quality reproductions in the future. With many large fish being taken over the years and being brought to Lax Taxidermy Studio for mounting, they began to make molds of the best specimens available.

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Check out more happy customers like these in the Trophy Gallery!
Spencer with a 55 that was caught on a bull dawg.
Another big tiger out of St. Louis River....Duluth, Minnesota with Dustin Carlson. What a MONSTER!!!
Toms eagle lake musky
The 60 Second Angler Video featuring Lax Reproductions!

​​​Catch & Release Contest 2014

​​​​​​​OutdoorsFIRST and Lax Reproductions have teamed up to offer a bragging board of a different kind. The Lax Reproductions Catch & Release Contest encourages catch and release while offering the chance to win big, simply by posting your RELEASED trophy muskie of 45 inches or longer for all to see. All entrants are eligible for a drawing to win a FREE reproduction of their trophy!

Click below for rules of entry.
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